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Suzhou town lake FeiGong embroidery workshop was founded in early 2008, production, wholesale, sale as a whole, the entity shop and online union, another an office in Shanghai develop foreign trade, custom-built suzhou embroidery (double-sided embroidery \ single-sided embroider, etc.). Portraits, hunshazhao, landscape, animal, landscape pattern such as, can make the original material, handmade make out very well only qiao of suzhou embroidery. Portrait embroider, not only can embroider hunshazhao, still can embroider according to the full moon, birthday as children, family, etc., can long as a souvenir, discoloration. Welcome friends to love or operating suzhou embroidery FeiGong embroidery workshop order or wholesale! FeiGong embroidery workshop embroidery at present trend have been sold to Russia, Japan, the United States and other countries and regions.
Suzhou jiangnan presents is the exquisite abundance of humanities connotation. These beautiful huan of United States annulus suzhou embroidery is in millenary historical era, by generations a dab hand embroider niang wear led, heart hand generation, a glimmer of trend to come out.